Looking for a plot of land to buy on the Costa del Sol?
After making the big decision to build their own home on the Costa del Sol, many people think that Step 1 is to buy a plot of land.
However before looking for a suitable plot of land there are various criteria that you need to set such as:
  • Location
  • Size of house to be built
  • Style of house to be built – single or multi-storey, modern or traditional?
  • Orientation of the house – do you want morning, evening or all day sun on your terraces, pool etc.?
  • Views – can these be affected by future construction?
  • Neighbours – how close or far away? Are the adjacent plots developed? If not what could be built next door?
  • Vicinity  – established area of individual villas or new area where more building work is likely to occur over the next few years? In the latter case what can be built in the surrounding area?
So how can you then be sure that a plot meets those requirements?
Firstly you need to understand the local planning and building regulations for any given plot to determine if you can build your planned home there.
In Spain there is not a service that collects adequate planning data in a simple format in order to assess the site potential and limitations so you will need expert advice. Most estate agents lack the skills and the interest to research the complex legislation concerning construction. However at Blue Flag Properties we have the advantage of in-house engineers who have been constructing homes on the Costa del Sol for more than 12 years. They can provide useful information to clients about the building a home based on the local planning regulations and offer free advice on the construction process in general or about a particular project.